by | Jun 9, 1998 | Forgiveness

It doesn’t pay to keep records of “wrongs” or to hold grudges.

The pastor of an evangelical church near Orlando, Florida, had been leading the same flock for more than twelve years. Things were running smoothly except for the fact that one member, an influential banker, was constantly questioning his authority on business matters.

When the banker was nominated to become a deacon, the pastor stood before the congregation and said, “I don’t believe this man is qualified to be elected.” Then he read a long list of instances where the man had questioned the pastor’s decisions.

Not only did the banker receive an overwhelming vote, the church began to view their minister in an unfavorable light. He resigned within six months.

A prime requisite for success is that you not only preach forgiveness, you practice it. Relax. Remember the phrase, “This, too shall pass!”

Neil Eskelin