The Battle of New Orleans

On January 8, 1815, two thousand men were killed and wounded in the Battle of New Orleans, two weeks after the Treaty of Ghent had been signed between the United States and Great Britain. That battle need not have been fought. The only way to carry messages was by the...

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Hailed Out

A farmer with a large acreage of beautiful grain was "hailed out" before harvesttime. His crop was a total loss. After the hailstorm was over, father and son walked out into the devastated fields. The boy could not keep the tears back, and he expected some violent...

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The Real Preacher

A great evangelist closed his sermon with an appeal for his hearers to surrender their lives to Christ. A score or more responded, among them a woman of wealth, who was well known in social circles. She asked the minister if she might say a few words. Imagine the...

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There Isn’t Any Money in It

A young man who had been reared on a farm decided to be a doctor in order that he might be of greater service to mankind. He felt that he could do more good and help more of his fellow men if he practiced medicine, than if he stayed on the farm.The years in medical...

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Tired of the farm

A farmer became tired of his farm; and no wonder, you'll say, for he was born on the place. He had spent all his days on that quarter section. When a boy, he drove the cows to and from the pasture, picked apples in the orchard, swam in the creek just around the bend,...

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Queen Victoria

One day Queen Victoria visited a paper mill owned by one of her subjects, & the owner was happy to show her through the great plant, explaining in detail the different processes of manufacture. During the journey through the factory she was taken into a large room...

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Charles L. Paddock