Trusting in Our Heavenly Father: The Sling for God, Part 10

by | Jan 24, 2021 | Faith, Prayer, The Sling for God, Trust, Waiting

“In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in  the morning I lay my requests and wait expectantly.” (Psalms 5:3 NIV)

In case you’re keeping track, yes, the last two parts of The Sling for God were also focused on Ps. 5:3. Today’s devotional is also from this same verse, because God keeps speaking new messages to me through this verse!

Let’s remember as we read this powerful text that it is our Heavenly Father who supplies all of our needs. This is definitely what David knew, for according to this psalm, he came to His Heavenly Father every morning to lay out his requests to God.

Many of us are in the habit of praying to our Heavenly Father at the beginning of each day. It’s almost a habit for many of us. As I have written about before, as a teacher I would often talk to my Heavenly Father about my students and upcoming problems in the car on my way to class, and sometimes I would even go from desk to desk to pray for each of the students.

So often, however, we only look at the first half of Ps. 5:3. We pray in the morning, but we don’t pay attention to the second part, the part that tells us to wait expectantly for the Lord to answer. We continue to anticipate whatever problems we’ve laid before the Lord in our morning prayers. This, however, isn’t faith. When we pray and then continue to worry, we are basically just using prayer as something to do when we can’t do anything, rather than the powerful tool that it can be.

To look at it another way, what if one of your young children comes to you and asks if you can take him to the park that day. You give your promise, but the child then goes to his brother, and instead of saying, “Hey, we get to go to the park today!”, he says, “I hope we can go to the park today. I asked mom, but I don’t know if it will happen.” Think about how that might make you feel, and then you will have some idea of how God must feel when we don’t follow the last part of David’s suggestion, when we present our requests in the morning but we do not wait expectantly!

When I prayed for my class each morning and then waited expectantly, ever knowing that God would answer my prayer, I had a peaceful day in the classroom without fail. What problems are you anticipating today? Bring your requests before our loving Heavenly Father first thing; but then, wait expectantly! Know with certainty that God WILL answer your prayers! Remember: When we trust solely on our Heavenly Father, we can truly wait with expectation. Why? Because He loves us so much!

Rob Chaffart

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Trusting in Our Heavenly Father: The Sling for God, Part 10