Where Is the Sun? Real Living, Part 3

by | May 15, 2013 | Discouragement, Listening, Real Living, Trials

We had arrived in Florida the day before, and even now as we were leaving Fort Lauderdale, heavy clouds were threatening us with the possibility of thunderstorms. It’s easy during moments like these to become discouraged, especially since the weather forecast along most of the US East Coast foresaw the same things for the upcoming week: rain and thunderstorms!

“Where is the sun?” A little kid asked his dad.

“Shut up, twerp! Don’t you see I’m busy?”

Although he had a valid question, the poor kid just hung his head.

We were not planning on staying in Florida, however, and once we were aboard our plane for Nassau, Bahamas, our perspective on the weather changed. As we were lifted above the menacing clouds, we were suddenly blinded by the presence of the sun, and its bright, beautiful light quickly turned those ugly dark grey forms beneath us into bouncy, woolly sheep. We were even more delighted that the sun was still shining when we landed! All of our discouragement evaporated, and we exited the airport with determination to enjoy the sun as much as we could!

When circumstances around us are threatening and discouraging, why don’t we follow the little boy’s example? Why don’t we stop in our track and ask ourselves “Where is the Son?” Just like the sun in the sky is always shining, Jesus is also always available to bathe us in His presence and lift us up in His arms. As long as we set our perspectives correctly by looking to the Son, it doesn’t matter what impossible circumstances we find ourselves in! No dark clouds have the authority to darken our days!

“See things from his perspective.” (Col 3:2 The Message)

“So, whoever has the Son, has life.” (1 John 5:12 The Message)

It’s real living for the taking!

“Papa, where is the Son?”

“Shut up little twerp! Don’t you …”

“Excuse me for interrupting, dad. First of all I’m not a twerp. Such words are offensive. They deliberately insult my sense of seriousness and importance. Secondly, if you knew the Son, maybe your life would be less miserable!”

Rob Chaffart

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Where Is the Sun? Real Living, Part 3