Mary Had a Secret

by | May 18, 2010 | Christmas, Poem

Mary had a secret…….one she was afraid to tell;
Told to her by Gabriel, while standing by the well.
“You shall give birth to The Son of God and call Him Jesus Christ;”
“How can this be possible, I am not yet Joseph’s wife?”  

“With God all things are possible, there’s nothing He can’t do:”
“He chose you above all women, for your purity and faith so true.”
So young to carry such a heavy load, never having known a man;
Mary trusted God The Father…… she left it in His’ hands.  

What would Joseph say?…….people would say she should be stoned;
“Father help me not to be afraid, for I feel so all alone.”
She will follow God without question, for she trusts Him with all her heart and soul.
Proud to do God’s will……….Mary believes what she’s been told.    Amen

Pat Finn


Mary Had a Secret