The Master Painter

by | Jun 3, 1999 | Creation, God's Plans, Poem, Submission, Will of God

There is a Master painter;
Who lives up above,
With each stroke of His brush,
He paints us some love.

He painted the purple violets;
And the yellow daffodils,
With the deepest orange sunset,
Between the valleys, and hills

He paints us a rainbow;
After the rain,
Then He brushed on some moon-glow,
Above the rugged terrain

He painted our skies;
The mountains, and streams,
The bluest of blues,
And, the greenest of greens

He paints us the perfect portrait;
With His tender, works of art,
He shows us in every pastel rose,
The love within His heart.

This beauty, and perfection;
That He paints for us to share,
Is a Masterpiece, right here on earth,
In which no artist, can compare.

Vickie Lambdin copyright: 2002


The Master Painter