Show Me Your Presence

by | Jun 3, 1999 | Experiencing God, Presence

After one of the most stressful episodes in which my husband’s new cardiologist revealed damage subsequent to his bi-pass surgery, my husband’s face turned pale. I tried to hide the reeling, attempting to be in control for the moment. But it wasn’t easy for either of us.

About a month ago, the following day after that particular Bob’s appointment, I woke up at dawn, and eager to spend what time I had before my husband woke up to meditate and pray, I asked God: “Show me Your Presence, and that you are hearing me, because I feel powerless, lost, and ill at ease.

Sunday arrived, and I had forgotten about my prayer to Our Lord. As we moved into a pew that wasn’t occupied, a stream of light seeping through one of the glass beams in the ceiling shone its sunshine upon us. As the Light became so overwhelming, we moved to the left of the pew. The Light followed us.

Too embarrassed to move to another pew, since Mass was about to start, I looked helplessly at my husband, as to say: “What do we do now?” He nudged me to move farther to the left. I did, and the Light followed us, until we were at the end of the pew. I was really tickled by it, as I had forgotten my request to Our Lord.

We had no choice, then, but to move to another pew. Assuming the Light would continue behind us, from where we had moved, the Light was gone!

Days later, I prayed for God to forgive me for not having remembered my prayer to Him: “Show me Your Presence, and that You are with me because I feel powerless, alone and ill at ease.”

He did! Only I failed to remember when His Light followed us, as many attempts as we made moving from what we assumed was a stubborn sun following us relentlessly, when in fact, Jesus Christ, Our Savior and Redeemer was gave me a sign of His Presence, as I had asked days subsequent to that appointment, from which little miracles began to happen around our loved ones, and I know He is doing that also, as I write. Blessed be God in His mercy, unconditional love and never abandoning us when we need Him the most in our crises.

Rose (Received on October 3rd, 2002)


Show Me Your Presence