In Honor of My Husband

Learning Love and Gratitude

She was my best friend,though older than me; and, I looked up to her because she treated me as her equal. Although we were both like only children, our lives were different. Her warmth. Genuine friendship was to follow me for decades, interchangeably, I would find,...

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Visiting Messengers

It was a cold,drizzly evening as I reluctantly, left my husband at the hospital following his crucial and lengthy cardiac surgery.The rain clouded my vision as I made a wrong right turn, anxious to get home.The more I drove into the dark night, pitch blackness...

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A Note

How awesome a God do we serve! One who reveals Himself in the most mystical ways!June 04: CT Scan showed kidney/gall bladder stones. Ultrasound, October, nothing! Yet a treatment indicated that there was something seriously wrong as it worked "to give me the benefit...

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The Knock

His gorgeous silver hair shimmered against the hospital pillow. He instinctively opened his eyes as I walked in. I had flown from California to Texas, where he lived. He gave me a big smile, hugging me, lightly. He asked how we were, and if I needed anything. Here he...

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The Many Hungry Children of the World

Anne was only six years old when she began going to a private Christian school, with her sister, Angelique, who was almost eight.Anne had always had a round angelic, chubby face, as were her arms, and legs, unlike her sister, who had always been thin. They were...

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