No Answer

by | May 31, 1999 | Confession, Sin

When our older daughter, Jennifer, graduated from Christian high school and got her yearbook, we noticed that she had no Scripture verse under her picture. She explained that she was at work when the yearbook forms were given out, and so she didn’t get to fill in some of the information. I asked her, “Jen, what verse do you think you would have used? What scripture has special meaning to you?”

She replied, “Your sin will find you out!” She had learned this lesson well!

When she first got her driving license, Jennifer was not allowed to go out in the car on her own. She had to have our permission. One night my wife and I were at the house of some of our friends, while Jen and our second daughter, Megan, were home with our other car. I began to feel uneasy and said to my wife, Nancy, “I’m going to call home. Something’s funny. I think the girls may have gone out driving.”

“Do you really think so?” Nancy replied with surprise. (By the way, this is not the normal pattern for us. I’m usually the trusting one and my wife the suspicious one. Parents, does this sound familiar?)

So I called home and-what do you know?!-there was no answer. I called a friend who lived about five minutes away and asked him, “Would you please go over to our house? If no one answers the door, here’s the garage door code. Go inside and see if the car is there.” He did-and it wasn’t!

When we got home, we sat down with our daughters and asked them what they had been doing. “We called home,” I told them, “and there was no answer.”

“We were outside, sitting in front of the house,” Jen replied, “and we didn’t take the phone with us.” (Right! Two teenage girls without a phone.) Then we took them into separate rooms so that they could have the opportunity to confess, and we questioned them individually. (I’m sorry if you’re scandalized, but our teenagers sinned a few times and lied a few times too. I wish they were as perfect as your kids!)

What a shock it was for them when I told them that our friend had actually been in the empty garage. The secret was out. Their sin caught up with them in a matter of hours. (In case you’re wondering what they did that night, I’ll tell you the whole, sordid story: They went to McDonald’s, less than two miles from our home, and ate a meal!)

But there was one part of this whole episode that did not shock them, and that was the fact that Dad (at other times, Mom) knew they had sinned because the Lord let them know. Sometimes He spoke to our hearts about it or simply allowed us to stumble onto. Their little plans, while other times they left some “evidence”-like a candy wrapper-behind. The fact is, they quickly learned that their sins would find them out. They expected it! And so, Numbers 32:23 took on a special meaning for Jen, who seemed to be the chief instigator, as opposed to younger Megan, who tended to follow her sister’s lead. But both had no question that God was real and that He didn’t like sin.

Excerpt taken from Michael L. Brown’s book, entitled Go and Sin No More, p. 71, 72, published by Regal Books and available through ICN Ministries


No Answer