Cultural Revolution

Something Far Worse

Shortly after Richard Wurmbrand was exiled from Romania following 14 years of brutal imprisonment for his faith, he was speaking at a home meeting in suburban America. When the meeting ended, one of the men present asked Pastor Wurmbrand, "Why is it that we don't have...

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Speared to Death

Consider also the fruit produced by the five martyrs in Ecuador in 1956. Steve Saint, the son of martyred pilot Nate Saint, learned the details of their martyrdom many years after the fact. Steve had frequently worked among the people who killed his father, since all...

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No Answer

When our older daughter, Jennifer, graduated from Christian high school and got her yearbook, we noticed that she had no Scripture verse under her picture. She explained that she was at work when the yearbook forms were given out, and so she didn't get to fill in some...

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The Straying Daughter

Early in 1998, a distressed mother living in Chicago sought the Lord on behalf of her teenage daughter. This girl had already fallen heavily into drugs, even supporting herself as a prostitute in England for a time. She was back in the States, but her mom, whom we'll...

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Michael L. Brown