Valujet Flight 592

by | Jun 11, 1998 | Blessing, Protection, Trials

Maybe you saw some of the TV coverage last weekend after ValuJet Flight 592 crashed in the Florida Everglades. One hundred four passengers and five crew members died when it nose-dived into snake- and alligator-infested waters.

Terry Huckaby was running late and got to Miami International Airport after the plane was scheduled to leave. Rushing and still hoping its departure had somehow been delayed so he could catch the flight, he made it to the gate only to discover the plane was indeed gone.

Before trying to work out an alternate schedule, the frustrated man put $1 in a vending machine … only to lose it. “I’m having a bad day,” he said. “I missed my flight, and now I’ve lost a dollar.” Someone behind the counter heard him and said, “No, you’re the luckiest man alive. We just got word that your plane went down.” What an abrupt call to reality that put his frustration into perspective!

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Valujet Flight 592