The Foolishness of “Getting Even”

Daring to Take Risks

The first time anything new and creative is proposed, it gets labeled. And the label put on these novel things is likely to be "risky." Can't you just hear it?"Let me get this straight, Orville. You and Wilbur are building a machine that will do what? Heavier-than-air...

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Just Like My Dad…

Matty Lovo is only nine years old, but the story of his level-headed daring deserves to be told. In the telling of his story, there is a line from the hero himself that should make all of us who are parents and grandparents take notice.Matty's father drives one of...

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Choosing to Be Positive

Many things about your life are not yours to choose. You didn't choose to be born to that mother and father. Matter of fact, you didn't choose to be born at all! You didn't choose a body build, a nose, or ears. And you can't rework the things that have happened to you...

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I Did It for You!

James and Kati Kim left San Francisco to travel to Seattle for Thanksgiving. With the holiday over, they started home. There was to be a night at an expensive lodge on November 25. But they missed their turnoff from Interstate 5 and, after checking a roadmap, decided...

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A Coach’s Choice

You’ve probably heard the story of Jason McElwain by now. If not, you can go online for a great video at is a senior at Greece Athena High School in Rochester, New York. He has had some tough breaks in life. But...

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Rubel Shelly