In the Midst of It All

The Work Bee

There was a work bee this morning, out at the barn where my boys and I ride. The place was literally "buzzing" as chain saws cut fence posts to length, skill saws sliced through boards for new stall doors, hammers pounded 4 inch nails into jump standards, and the...

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Ant Hill

Acts 4 :24 "They lifted their voices together with one united mind to God."The red ants around our yard and pool this summer have been out of control! Each time I apply ant poison to a mound- it dissipates, but a new one crops up nearby. Today I had a first hand view...

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When One Voice

When one voice cries out in the dark of night;When one voice speaks loud enough, it can set things right.When one voice is preaching God’s holy word;And one voice is teaching all that they have heard. Then that one voice is enough to do God’s holy will;By preaching,...

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