The Foolishness of “Getting Even”

Compassion He Didn’t Deserve

Almost a year ago now, a handful of teen-agers put a series of dreadful events in motion. They stole a credit card. Then they used it to buy some DVDs and video games. Next they went to a grocery store and bought a series of items. And they hit the road. The worst...

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Your Forgiveness Scale

Scripture affirms that humans are "sinners" – lawbreakers, evildoers, people who have fallen short of the divine ideal. But lawbreaking isn't the real point. We have broken God's heart by failing to experience the good he created us to know and to embrace the peace...

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The Difference Ella Made

How do people bring about needed change? My answer is often a cynical stepping back in frustration, I must confess. I'm only one person. I don't have any real power in this culture. Surely there are others who feel the same way.But not Ella Gunderson. She was aware of...

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An Authentic Apology

They must be the six most difficult words in the English language. It's not the pronunciation that stumps us; it's our egos. There isn't one of them you can't spell. And some people certainly do better with them than others. Are you ready for me to lay them out for...

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Try Lowering the Volume

Gary McIntyre had just started his workday in the Canadian woods last Monday. He heard a noise, turned to look in that direction, and realized he was being charged by an angry bear! Experienced forestry worker that he is, he knew there was no time for a proper...

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As an armored truck passed by the Los Angeles bus stop where he was sitting alone last Monday night, Ascension Franco Gonzales saw a clear plastic bag tumble onto the street. The vehicle kept going. The guards inside it were totally unaware that part of their load had...

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Getting Back On

I suspect you grew up hearing what my Daddy used to tell me: "Son, when a horse throws you, I want to see you get right back on him. Do you hear me?"Well, yes, I heard him. It's just that we didn't own a horse. But the point of it all wasn't really about horses,...

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Rubel Shelly