Father to All

Called Back by Name

This is to all that are seeking Christ as their personal Savior. Or to those who just need a reminder that we are the ones who were lost; but because He died for us, rose for us, and lives within us today; we are no longer lost, but found, by His eternal Grace and...

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Lost Children

To all that are seeking Him, Jesus, Your Lord and Savior! They seem to be lost and all alone,nowhere to turn to find their way home.They look all around and all they can see,are others lost that are looking for Me. They wander aimlessly going to and fro,one calls my...

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Snow White dove

I am grateful for You sending Your Son,to guide me in the race that's already won.I am grateful for Your Almighty Hand,through prayer and faith I shall stand. I am grateful for Your Precious Love,it makes me feel like the Snow White Dove.I am grateful for saying to...

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Culleen Williams