But You Didn’t Ask

Cross My Heart

I don't hear from him enough. I certainly see him less than I want to.People tell me it's his age.Frankly, I don't want to hear it.My son Evan turns 19 on September 5th.I miss him. He didn't go any where. He's just living his own life, in his own world.But, I miss the...

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"It appeared at first that my father's last days would be difficult ones. Perhaps even very sad," she said.Whatever happened, caused him to stop communicating with them."One day he was fine and then suddenly he was unable to speak," she continued.Her father was in a...

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In the Wrong Lane

Sometimes it's obvious. Like when a person from my past keeps coming to mind and I feel the need to call them. Or when my wife Marianne keeps putting the lawnmower behind my car so I can't leave without being reminded that the grass needs cutting.Okay, maybe that's...

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It’s All That It Takes to Go On

I thought I was doing a good deed. But they didn't want any help.I decided to go for pancakes at McDonalds. Sounds yummy doesn't it? Well, by the time I mix the batter for one person at home and clean up the mess, it just makes more sense to go out.I can justify...

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Gift Exchange

"I just got back from the gift exchange," she said."Did someone give you something you didn't want?" I asked."No, not at all. I got more than I thought I would," she replied."So you had too many gifts?" I asked."Oh, no. You could never get too many," she said so...

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Island Hoping

"I find it hard to get through the day."Can you imagine?I heard a collective "Yes, I can!"I know the feeling. I've had times when life was so very challenging that it was indeed difficult to get through a day. And yet, I did. One day at a time.Frankly, my most...

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Life Echos

It had been a frustrating day. With so many decisions to make and so many things that could go wrong, I decided to stop what I was doing. I needed to take my mind off of things for awhile so that I could clear my thinking."I'll cut the grass!" I said.It was a hot day,...

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Bob Perks