Poppa Will Wait for Me

I am an old romantic. Always have been and always will be. So, people who know me often share those special love stories just to reassure me that love is alive and well."Men are always in a hurry!" Grandma said."But, Poppa is way ahead of us, grandma. Hurry, so we can...

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What He Didn’t Know

e was struggling with who he was and what he wanted from life.What he didn't know was he had great potential and the world was waiting for him.He tried desperately to fit in to what seemed to be an unreceptive world.What he didn't know was he had a place waiting for...

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When It’s Time

"Poppa, when will they be ready?" The young child asked."When it's time," he replied.Of course that could not, would not appease such a inquisitive young spirit such as she."Poppa, when will it be time?" She asked of him."When everything is just right. When all things...

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When Will It Stop Hurting?

I lost a loved one nearly a year ago. When will I stop hurting?"The question was simple but difficult to answer.She was challenging me. I wanted to help her, but I knew that only she could answer that question.Whenever someone writes to tell me about a death, I always...

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You Are Important Too

I must have needed it because it lifted my spirits and I felt important. Not better than anyone else, but better than I thought I was. It wasn't even such a big thing. It took little effort to do it, but it meant the world to me at that very moment.Two or three times...

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Selling Out

"If you had a dream and believed in yourself and a man came along with an offer that wasn't at all what you planned for, would you sell out?" He asked me."It's not a part of your dream?" I asked."Well, the success that might come from taking the chance would help me...

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Arrive at a Clearing

"My life is not going as planned. I feel like I am lost in the woods and can't find my way out," the young man said."You are not lost. You are learning how to trust," the old man replied."Trust?""Yes, you must learn how to trust yourself and believe that every step...

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