Signs and Wonders

Divine Intervention

oanne and I had invited Andreas to come with us for a visit to Ontario, Canada and he accepted. We had our return tickets with American Airlines. The three of us went to the Ontario, CA, airport (which was only five miles from the home of my brother Edward) to...

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Confined, Yet Free

At that time, in May, 1943, the Dutch population had gone on a work strike against Hitler. Trains and buses ground to a standstill. Factories became inactive. All farm workers stayed home except those milking cows, but they dumped the milk into the canals. Anyone who...

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Classic Italian, Dutch and Witches

No two people's experience with the Baptism in the Holy Spirit is exactly the same for God leads us in individual paths in ways that His name will be glorified. I know of a man who received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit at a FGBMI convention. Prior to his baptism, he...

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Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels Protection A gang of men walked stealthily in the moonlight, first through then around the village, armed with machetes, hunting rifles and pistols. Some stumbled on the rough pathway, due more to the liquor they had been drinking than not knowing the...

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God’s Grace and Provision

We always found it crucial to receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all our missionary work including on what day to cross the border into Mexico since it was not always easy to obtain a six month permit from the customs officers without giving them a monetary...

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A Hospital! A Funeral! A Miracle!

In early spring of the following year after I was baptized in the Holy Spirit, Joanne and I were ministering in the Netherlands, after our journey to Israel. We had planned to stay with John and Rene the last night before our departure and had looked forward with...

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A Milk Tank Truck Driver

Some weeks later, Joanne and I became involved in an outreach ministry called Living Word Center. The center was open six nights a week. It took a lot of prayer, dedicated work and long hours for all associated with it. After work, it usually meant a quick supper and...

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Albert De Jong