Of Terrorists, Elephants and Bees…

by | Apr 15, 2023 | Miracles, Time

The temperature in the Rhodesian valley was high, upwards of 40⁰C. Our “stick” of 2 regular fireforce commandos and 8 territorial riflemen had been close on enemy tracks most of the day. Our tracker was brilliant, alerting us constantly of enemy whereabouts and decoy tactics.

The enemy were 12 fit, youthful and agile terrorists. One was carrying heavy equipment, which could have possibly been a landmine. The others carried AK rifles and 20 to 100 rounds of ammunition each. They were aware of our close proximity and were using decoy tactics in hopes of throwing us off their tracks. They moved quickly down a wide, well trampled elephant trail to set up their ideal ambush behind granite boulders. Their plan? To massacre our “stick” as we closed in on them.

Knowing better than to stay on the wide, open trail, we followed in thick brush on either side. We were becoming impatient, knowing we would have to finalise the chase and kill or capture them soon.

As we neared their selected “killing zone”, we were suddenly amazed to see all 12 of them abandon their safety position and run along the wide path, screaming as they went. Three adult elephants were close on their tail.

It is a well-established fact that elephants are extremely afraid of bees. An entire herd will stampede on the buzzing sound of one disturbed insect. At the precise moment we were about to enter the “killing zone”, the foraging elephant trio disturbed a hanging hive of bees. They charged, and their flight took them directly towards the granite boulders the terrorists had chosen as their ambush.

And so it was that a swam of bees and three young elephants caused the 12 terrorists to abandon the safety of their ambush site and flee down the open pathway. The precision timing of this entire process could have only occurred with divine intervention.

Thank You, Lord.

Tony Morkel


Of Terrorists, Elephants and Bees…