Was It Really Worth It?

by | Oct 6, 2022 | Anger

“A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control.” (Prov 29:11 NIV)

Based on an actual event.

While driving around a Turnpike just North of one of North America’s mega cities, a couple were talking. Before long, their conversation turned into an argument, and although the weather was gorgeous, inside that vehicle the mood quickly turned colder than the Arctic! Soon both were filled with anger and neither could be reasoned with.

“You are not listening!” The woman exclaimed.

“You are so stubborn!” The man said, exasperated.

The argument continued. More accusations arose. Before long, the man stopped his Mercedes and drug the woman out by her hair, then he pushed her over the overpass. Disoriented, she landed on the hood of a car. Horrified, its driver slammed on the brakes, unwittingly making the woman fly off his car. She fell on the road a bit further and was hit by another vehicle. She died instantly.

As the man witnessed the scene, his rage was replaced by remorse and guilt. He, too, jumped the 80 feet off the overpass to his own death.

Both of their families were devastated when hearing this terrible tragedy. Was this anger and unforgiveness really worth it?

Anger is destructive. Not only does it hurt others deeply, but after the storm is over, it leaves you feeling empty and guilty. One would think that anyone experiencing these feelings would try to avoid arguments, but instead, it causes you to want to argue even more! This leads to stormy and empty relationships.

You may say: “I would have never acted like that!” However the man mentioned in this true story never intended to throw someone over the overpass either! Uncontrolled anger is like a raging fire, which started with just a little spark, but soon became a raging forest fire.

“But I can’t stop myself from getting angry!” You argue.

If that is your case, don’t loose hope. Help is available. You are right that you can’t help yourself, but there is someone who surely can. That person came on this planet just for you 2000 years ago. Not only did he lead an exemplary life, he also died for you and rose three days later. His name? Jesus Christ. If Jesus willingly died so that you could experience eternal life, don’t you think he would be more than willing to come to your aid and help you be victorious over your anger and your unforgiveness?

“But how can I come to Jesus for help?”

Just come to Him in prayer. A powerwalk with your forever friend will make such an impact in your life, that you will never want to stop developing that wonderful relationship with your Maker. Talk to Him as your friend. Share with Him your anger and your problems with forgiveness. Share with Him the cause of your anger, and ask Him to take over. He will help you manage your anger and learn to forgive the way Jesus does. Before long, peace will settle in your heart and people will notice the change in you.

Is anger worth it? Ask that man who experienced the disastrous effects of anger and unforgiveness. Jesus will make the difference, if you just let Him. Will you come to Him now?

Rob Chaffart


Was It Really Worth It?