Expecting Sunshine Against All Odds: The Witness, Part 11

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Faith, Promise, The Witness

“He went with them. They came to the Jordan and started chopping down trees. As one of them was felling a timber, his axhead flew off and sank in the river. ‘Oh no, master!’ He cried out. ‘And it was borrowed!’ The Holy Man said, ‘Where did it sink?’ The man showed him the place. He cut off a branch and tossed it at the spot. The axhead floated up. ‘Grab it,’ he said. The man reached out and took it.” 2 Kings 6:4-7 (MSG)

How is this possible? Throwing a branch into a river will not bring an axhead to the surface! But it did! Did Elisha have certain powers? No way! He depended on His Heavenly Father through the Holy Spirit who made it possible! Elisha was just following our Father’s directions. Nothing is impossible to Him!

When we arrived at our campground in Bailey’s Harbor, Wisconsin, we discovered that a terrible storm was heading straight for us. It would start in the evening, and it would continue raining all next day. Thunder showers were unavoidable. They expected more than 50 millimeters (2 inches) of rain.

We were disappointed, for the next day would be our only day to visit this peninsula. It’s then that I heard my Heavenly Father ask me: “Who will you trust, Me or the weather report?” I’d rather trust my Father at any time, and I began to thank Him for the sunny day He would give us the following day.

My wife was not in our trailer while my Father showed up. When she entered, I was all excited. “I have some great news,” I said. “It will not rain tonight nor tomorrow.” At first she was a bit confused. 10 minutes ago I had shared with her the grim weather, and now I was jumping up and down with excitement! She knew something had happened while she was away, and she knew that more than likely the weather network had not changed its mind. Against all odds, my wife and I were the only ones who anticipated the weather for the next day.

Sure enough, it didn’t rain a drop that night. When I awoke the next morning, it was cloudy; however, the sun came through a bit later on in the day, and it didn’t rain all day. Our Heavenly Father had given us this gift so that we could enjoy His nature on the peninsula, as well as meeting many friendly people.

Who will we trust?

Rob Chaffart

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Expecting Sunshine Against All Odds: The Witness, Part 11