What If God Asked?

by | Apr 28, 2019 | New Life, Purity, Spiritual Growth

It is a different kind of day here.

We are facing a threat of flooding in the valley communities along the river.

They have ordered mandatory evacuations in communities that were flooded back in


That’s a huge area.

It’s also a huge problem on a personal level. People who lived through the flood back then are suddenly faced with the same worries, challenges and flash backs. Today though, they are 37 years older.

“I can’t go through that again. I was younger and able to face the loss and handle the clean up. I can’t do it at this age,” I heard one person say.

It may appear to be true, but we are really not aware of our own potential and abilities until we are actually faced with the challenge of going through it.”

You have gone through events you never imagined having the ability to handle, haven’t you?

So have I. Including the flood of ’72.

We are safe here. Many friends and family are not.

So, as I sit at the computer now, before the rush of the day to help others, there is a clear calmness over me.

That’s when I began to hear God speak to me.

“What if God asked you for a mandatory evacuation…of your life?”

That’s what I heard.

Picture for a moment that He called upon you to leave the life you have right now and go to a safer place.

Sounds silly? Play along for a moment.

Doesn’t He, in part, ask us to give up certain things, ways of thinking and living? By doing so we move into the shelter of His protection.

How many of you have prayed for help, for change, for another chance, or simply His will in your life?

Now, how many of you actually did what He told you to do?

He asked for an mandatory evacuation in those areas of your life that were not safe or under His directives.

Did you leave?

I know that I have not. There are still areas of my life that need for me to leave and I have not. Still, I call upon God in prayer for help. He still responds in love.

That’s like the people you see being rescued by boat and helicopters in the middle of a catastrophe because they chose to stay after the call for “mandatory evacuation.”

You and I may have looked at them and thought how foolish they were to chance it all.

Perhaps God is looking at us and thinking the same thing.

Up until 4 p.m. tonight people in certain areas here are asked to evacuate their homes. Right now people are making decisions on what is valuable enough to save and what things they must take with them right now.

So, here is my question for you and for myself.

What if God asked for mandatory evacuation of certain areas of your life, what would you take and what would you leave behind?

Are you waiting for the boats and helicopters?

Bob Perks 2believe@comcast.net


What If God Asked?