Merry Christmas, My Friends

by | May 4, 2017 | Christmas, Poem

As I send this message your way I have something to say
It is Christ birthday and nothing else Merry Christmas My Friend  

Let’s not let the world tell us what to do We buy more than anyone needs
So may we plant some Chrismas seed
Do not act like the world because He will not be pleased Merry Christmas My Friend  

There are so many needs physical, spiritually and financially 
For us to meet for Him  How many Children even know what they got last Christmas
They will remember the story of the Lamb for us Merry Christmas My Friend  

As I sign off and let you know that I thought of you
Will you remember those who are less fortunate
So they will remember what you did for them, not what you
Bought I love you and so does our Lord Jesus let us say what it”s all about my dear one
Merry Christmas My Friend and Happy New Year  

Sarah Berthelson [email protected]


Merry Christmas, My Friends