I Cried

Just Jesus Is Enough

The only thing that matters this very dayIs the one that I need to hear me prayJust Jesus is the only one that can forgive my sinThat is the way that my prayer life beganJust Jesus loved me enough for me to have eternal lifeThat brings me much comfort as I kneel to...

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Jesus, Were You Anxious?

My dear Jesus, were You anxiousWhen You saw the soldiers coming nearTo take You to that cross that Your loved ones feared?Jesus, did You once wonder why You had to suffer For us children that would someday have a chanceTo accept or reject our Salvation that You...

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God, Be Near Others

God, as I sat here, suffering from shingles,They hurts so badly that my body twinges.God, be near others that suffer.Father, I have time to think of those that are hurting.Some cannot walk. Others cannot talk.Why should I whine through this pain?What do I have to...

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Father, What Time Is It?

As another day is passing byDid I use it wisely, if not whyIt seems I never finish all that was plannedFather what time is it?You give me all these minutes per dayI want so much to do what you have to sayAm I wasting it by doing my thingI read my bible, prayed and...

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Thanksgiving Thanks

Oh our blessed savior may I thank you todayCounting my blessings as I prayThere are so many I could fill a bookBecause of my Lord Jesus just lookat what it tookI thank you first for my salvationYou went so freely to the cross that daySo many times we forget to...

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I Thank God for You

You are such a blessing to me todayThe way you smile and talk to meI am lonely there is no one hereI thank God for youYou came by just to say helloTo see if you could do anything for meGo to the grocery or fix me some foodMop the floor or dust the furnitureI thank God...

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Merry Christmas, My Friends

As I send this message your way I have something to say It is Christ birthday and nothing else Merry Christmas My Friend   Let's not let the world tell us what to do We buy more than anyone needs So may we plant some Chrismas seed Do not act like the world because He...

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Sarah Berthelson