The Rat

by | May 26, 2002 | Deception, Deliverance, Purity, Sin

Well, I’m not quite sure where this one is going to end up, so here goes.

We have, or now had, a rat!! He has been eluding us from capture for about a month now!! We set traps, bait, you name it…He got away each time. Now this rat is (was) BIG. The first time we saw it Amy and I both freaked!!! One time it even made an appearance while her and I were in the kitchen!! Both of us jumping about 10 feet in the air. Well…tonight at about 4 AM….we finally got the thing!!! I know, because it woke me up!!! Why? Because it was trying to get loose of the trap, and was stuck behind the refrigerator. Head trapped, but still alive!!! Ugh!!! Finally, after 2 nervous break downs on my part, he made it to the open area of the kitchen. Still caught, head first, in the trap. Now…I am soooo brave!!! First I tried to wake up Darren. Boy does he sleep sound… So I did the only logical thing!!! I slid it.. trap and all…into a “Capri Sun” box!!!! Upside down none the less!! Then with it’s large tail sticking out from the end of the box, I TAPED the box shut!!! Oh yeah!!! I’m soooo brave and smart!!! Heheheh

Now I am sure by now, you are wondering how could anything like that have anything to do with God? Right? Well, I think it does!!! Get this correlation….

First you have to see the rat as sin, or demonic attack, works for either one.

So… here come the attack!! Or temptation to sin. He is big and ugly, so we just kind of jump out of his way! Some may try to hit him with something, but most freak (like me and Amy) and jump. So here he is, making a home for himself… He begins to eat everything you own. All your “seed” so to say! He is making a mess in your cupboards (family relationships), pantry (friend relationships), walls (your own life)!! You try to get rid of him, but you fail every time! Finally, you set a trap with the biggest rat trap you can find. You hide it in a spot that he loves. Bammmm You catch him, by CRUSHING his head! Are you getting the picture here?

When we come under attack, or have sin flirt with us, we tend to just jump back, but not CRUSH his head!! Sooo, he makes our home (soul) his for awhile! If we let him get away with it long enough, he leaves a lot of dirty droppings around, besides eating much of the food we have (destroying our relationships with people and God). I called it seed before, because it is, in the spiritual sense. If sin is in your life, your seed (testimony) is dirty!! The only way to stop it is to trust and use the BIG TRAP—Jesus!!! He alone can CRUSH it’s head, and so destroy it’s power to consume any more of the seed. The trick is to utilize the power Jesus has (use the trap- Praise/Prayer/Repentance). Bait it with these tools, and watch Holy Spirit catch that rat and get rid of him for good! Oh yeah… If you put the rat in a box and tape it shut (just try to cover up sin), it may work OK for awhile, but you better get it out of your house (life) or it will just start to “STINK”!!!! When Jesus cleans up the rats, and gets them out.. leave them out!!! Don’t hold them in a box in your house. Yuck!!!!!!!

What kind of mind comes up with this stuff at 4 AM???????

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The Rat