I Loved You When You Were Bald

by | Jun 2, 1999 | Acceptance, Love

When traumatic illness strikes, the changes in your life are dramatic and oftentimes too stressful for relationships to survive. By the grace of God, such was not the case for us. My brain aneurysm and subsequent brain surgery only seemed to strengthen the love and devotion that my partner shared with me.

My beloved, Keith, not only stayed with me but cared for me in ways that only your better half can do. He had to take on the daily home tasks of cooking, cleaning and laundry while providing for my daily routine of bathing, eating and therapy. The strain was at times overwhelming, and at best, exhausting. He never complained. He never objected. He stayed with me and prayed for me through it all – the best and worst of times.

The hardest shock of overcoming the brain surgery occurred when I first saw my reflection in the mirror. My once, long brown locks of hair were gone. Replaced by a railroad track scar that stretched the entire length of my scalp. Lumps of skin, still pink from the surgery, pierced my appearance. This was in stark contrast to the full mane of enviable, wavy hair that I use to have. I could not believe that I was bald! It took several months, but slowly the hair grew back.

The seasons changed and as summer approached, the thought of getting a stylish haircut seemed to lift my sagging spirits. Keith and I had gone camping for the weekend and were sitting at the campfire as I turned to ask him, “Honey, should I get a haircut?”

I will never forget the look in his eyes as they filled with tears. He leaned his face towards mine and touched my lips as he said, “You’re asking the wrong guy. I loved you when you were bald.”

Philemon 1:7, “Your love has given me great joy and encouragement…”

Oh that we should always remember to love and encourage one another!

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I Loved You When You Were Bald