By My Side

by | Jun 2, 1999 | Abiding, Eternity, Poem, Presence

There beside my side, this Savior ever stands with me.
He loves us all and our soul will His acceptance be.
He’s the lily of the valley, the bright and morning star
And He can come into your heart and save you from afar.

He has ever walked with me through times of sorrow.
Laughs with me when I was happy in Him each tomorrow.
He held me up when unfairness came with me to stay
And I thought I couldn’t make it through another day.

He is ever there by my side, I will one day be His bride,
For in His Glory there, my sins He will truly hide.
Because He paid long ago on an old wooden cross.
Holding my sin to Himself, that I wouldn’t suffer loss.

As I am hurt and accused He stands by my side daily now.
Letting me know how He suffered long ago somehow.
The hurt, the stain He took for me, that wondrous day,
That I would be ready, yes willing to come to Him and Pray.

That I would stand by Him as surely as He has stood by me,
For all my life here on earth and throughout eternity.
He is my salvation, my first love, ruling from above,
That my heart wont be scarred, but filled with His true love.

By Pearlie Duncan Walker


By My Side