The Morning Mist

The Pain of His Journey

Jesus went on a journey to Heaven long ago,After He was tortured much, but loved His people so.The journey I shall take cannot compare to He,Who let His life be taken, to save one like me. He listens to our heartaches and attends to our pain.If it need be, Jesus would...

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Don’t Cry For Me

When I'm gone; don't cry for meI am not dead; I'm in sweet eternityI'll live forever; I'll wait for all of youWhen it’s your time; it’s what God would have us do.He called my name; He said come homeI did not die; please do not cry; I will no more roamI'll be by our...

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Lord, Help me Cry!

Sweet Lord, help me cry, when dear ones die.When they sin against Thee and I know not why.Bring them closely to Thine own loving heart.Let not those ever in life, from Thee depart.Guard all from the enemy, that Thou doth detest.Help us all to live in wonder, in Thy...

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Christ Jesus by My Side

As I sit here early this morning, I think on Christ againI have asked Him to be with, go with me to the end.When I feel fear, I ask Him to hold me very nearKnowing He sits beside me fills my heart with cheer. He is the mission that I have accomplished this day.He said...

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The Path He Made

I look to the path He made for me,That brought us all to Heavens’ victory.His words and deeds were so preciseThey made us love Thee Jesus Christ. The pathway we find, because He walked there.He showed us how to live and to go to Him in Prayer.The path He made was long...

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When Will We Listen?

Dear God, when shall we listen?  When shall we knowThat Jesus is the only Savior, there is nowhere else to go?We all listen to people, and all they have to say.Can we not listen to Jesus and His word, even on Sunday?One day, many will cry, many shall mourn what...

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Pearlie Duncan Walker