True Passion Is Illogical

by | May 31, 1999 | Passion, Worship

True passion is illogical, and God’s presence ignites passion.

My passion left my logic behind during the time I was courting my wife many years ago. I attended Bible college during the day and worked a shift at a shoe store, often until 9:30 each night. I couldn’t wait until the weekend to see my true love, so I used to stop at a gas station just off the interstate and call her from a pay phone. “You still up?”

“Yes, I’m up.”

“Is it okay with your folks if I come over?” (She’d check it out, and if it was, I’d call my mom.)

“Mom, I’m going over to see you know who.”

“Oh my, son. It is almost ten o’clock, and it takes an hour to get over there. Now you know you have school in the morning, and then you have . . .”

“That’s all right, Mom. I just want to see her for a few minutes.”

Exactly an hour later I was knocking on her parents’ door. Thirty minutes later (it seemed like thirty seconds), her dad would say, “Son, it’s getting late. You know how it is.”

Then I’d make that long drive back home (it always seemed at least twice as long on the return leg for some reason).

Was it worth it? Absolutely Passion is illogical, and passion doesn’t put price limits on the cost of the encounter. Passion says, “I don’t really care.”

When it’s time to give birth, a woman in labor will quickly say to anyone who gets in the way or protests her “unladylike” focus on pushing her baby into a new world: “I really don’t care what you think! I am not listening to what you have to say; I have one thing to do, and it is far more important than anything you have to offer at the moment.”

A woman in labor has gone beyond the definition of hunger and far surpassed the meaning of passion. Now she is openly, unapologetically desperate to deliver her gift to the world. So it is with the people of God at the apex of the progression of divine frustration.

Excerpt from The God Catchers, p. 158-159 Author, Tommy Tenney PO Box 3355 Pineville, LA 71360 318-442-4273


True Passion Is Illogical