The 80-Acre Farm

In 1989 we began conducting monthly outreach crusades in the government projects of our city. Using tents and community centers, we faithfully ministered year after year to people of all ages through evangelistic services, medical care, food, and clothing.As the needs...

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The Beverly Hillbillies on Tour

The story is told of a man who pulled up at a large public campsite. His station wagon was piled high. It looked like the' Beverly Hillbillies on tour. There was stuff tied on everywhere. When the car stopped at its designated parking space, a bunch of kids jumped out...

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Being a Servant

During the years of my pastorate, a man came to my town with an intention to bring division in my congregation. He was going to start a new church and hoped to use some members of my congregation to help him do it. The Lord spoke to me and said, "Become his servant."...

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High Office

I read one time the story of Ambrose, a great figure in Early Church history. He was the Roman governor of Liguria and Aemilia, a great scholar who ruled with such loving care that people were said to regard him as a father. The area's bishop died and discussion arose...

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Nothing Wrong With the Head

Stephen Hawkings occupies one of the most famous and prestigious chairs of education in Great Britain, and he is considered one of the great thinkers of this century. He inherited the modern mantle of Albert Einstein. Yet he can't even tie his own shoes, brush his...

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Request for Change

Once when I was a young man my father did something similar to what Jesus did on this day. My behaviour needed to be addressed. My father decided to pray for me. This was not a prayer to be prayed in the secret closet. He knelt beside me, forcing me to hear every word...

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Underwater Basket-Weaving Class

Some years ago I heard a joke about a class that could be taken in college that was a "fluff' class. The joking reference was made that it would be like an "underwater basket-weaving class." Little did I know the truth of that reference! Do you know how baskets are...

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Tommy Tenney