What Are You Living For

Church in the WIlderness

I was invited over the weekend for a thanksgiving/send-off service. When the invitation came, I was not sure I would attend because I thought I had a program in church on that day. Fortunately, I learned in time that the program was not for that particular Sunday, but...

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Watch Out for the Signs

The road was smooth and straight. Ben relaxed and pushed up the speed of the car a little. He was so engrossed in his driving that he did not notice the sign by the side of the road as it swept past. The sign indicated a diversion ahead but Ben was unaware of...

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Expensive Gift

The birthday of my soon was close and I had spent days wondering what I would buy for him as a birthday gift.I decided to check out a departmental store and browsed through the toy section. I could not really make up my mind on what to buy. Just as I was about to give...

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He Never Forgets

I saw a news item on television over the weekend which set me thinking. From what I gathered, an HIV infected woman had caught the attention of the Nigerian president, probably in one of the HIV related events.Anyway, it seemed that the woman needed financial...

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The God Who Restores

I recently went on a trip recently with some of my colleagues at work. Usually when I travel, I would call my wife at intervals, thank God for mobile technology, letting her know where I was and putting her mind at ease about my safety.Sometimes however, I am not able...

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I Believe

When I completed my secondary education, like every other young secondary school leaver, I looked forward to gaining admission into the university. I had high hopes in spite of the fact that things did not look so bright financially with my parents.When my GCE results...

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The Danger of Compromise

Jennifer had been deep in thought for days. She was torn between a desire to serve God and getting a juicy job offer. The job was hers for the taking just as the HR manager had told her a few days ago. There was however a snag. “I like you very much” said the man who...

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Steve Popoola