Abdominal Cancer

Financial Miracle

Dear Rob and Friends of "ANSWERS TO PRAYER":Words can not adequately express our feelings and jubilation of this victory in Jesus over troubled financial difficulties and other spiritual avenues we have been so diligently praying about for so long. Now, we also...

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Meg, her mom and her children were supposed to be evicted on Monday July 31st, 2000 at 3:00 p.m. Many people prayed on their behalf.Dear Rob and Prayer Warriors Family of God,(I wrote this yesterday yet, but I see it might not have gone out. I'm sorry!)Thank you for...

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Prayer Really Works

The head mover came this morning with my living room clock and a big blue extension cord which I had not found in the storage units. I was surprised and happy. NOW I SEE WHAT GOD HAS BEEN WORKING ON!! This man came and said that he and his fellow movers and the boss...

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