Financial Miracle

by | Jun 9, 1998 | Answered Prayers, Provision

Dear Rob and Friends of “ANSWERS TO PRAYER”:

Words can not adequately express our feelings and jubilation of this victory in Jesus over troubled financial difficulties and other spiritual avenues we have been so diligently praying about for so long. Now, we also testify of additional miracles in every sense of the word for other things –so many answers to pray are happening for us and those around us whom we have been praying for. The really tough battle which was adamant in our lives for a while now was for finances to help us through.

We continue to praise our Most Holy God and thank Him explicitly for sending forth prayer warriors from the ranks here and elsewhere who also cared so much, not only spiritually, but that they sent financial aid to us and through your ministry. As well, one extremely sensitive, caring, and loving individual of Christ not only stood in the gap for us spiritually, but also filled in with the balance of a true financial miracle to meet the balance of those rental obligations. We praise God for each of you for your many, continued prayers of support, your financial contributions, and also to this special individual who cared so much that he gave a part of himself.

Your ministry is overwhelming in helping us receive so many answers to prayer. Thank you for your prayerful support for these many, many months of tribulation. You never gave up on us and your continued words of support kept us going all through the dark valleys.

We are most joyous in renewed faith and strength to witness to others and show them of God’s great love through the work of others and their great prayers, HEARD IN HEAVEN, a united prayer effort on earth. Yes, miracles do happen in this day and age. We thank you and we praise God. We received the money orders on Wednesday a.m. and were able to cash them in the evening and then, through our schedules, I delivered the payment to the landlords last evening, but, lo, they were gone and I was trying to keep my schedule with helping a friend, trying to care for my little grandson, helping my son who is seriously ill right now, and also getting my daughter’s close friend to school whose car had broken down. I KNOW that our landlords are also feeling blessed–just from knowing that God is alive and well on planet earth–they are seeing this right now in our lives right next door.

I will speak to the landlords as soon as I am able. Because they were not home, I hung the “SURPRISE” on the door. I found a very beautiful, simple, but most appropriate card to write on in which I explained our glory and victory in Jesus about all of this and also I was able to witness again of God’s great love through the work of prayer warriors and others like you who have helped us overcome some of the barriers of demonic activity in our lives. I sent along best wishes with a festooned box of Valentine candy with lots of beautiful red ribbon–reminding me of the precious spilt blood of Jesus which He shed at the Cross for each one of us, and the whiteness of the box of candy reminded me of the purity of Christ and our cleansing opportunity to go to Heaven; alas….Heaven so loaded with “goodies” for us for all Eternity! (:[) I can hardly wait!!!!!!!!!!

(Last week I left the landlords a note about a miracle in the works from your ministry and, while I was out of town away selling insurance, the Mrs. landlady left a wonderful note of praise and “cautious” graciousness on our answering machine of how they are so very pleased about all of our miracles we are having and that God is blessing us through all of this turmoil we have been going through. It was very uplifting and wonderful to see how God is working in their lives as they witness us and our tribulations and now VICTORY!!!!! Oh, how we do praise OUR Lord!)

My mother is praising God that 2 Christian women have been found to care for her IF “I” can make the money to start her on a different type of ins. Policy for LTC. I PRAISE THE LORD about this and that my sister is allowing me to get our mother a new insurance policy for $700 less a year–the exact same coverages. God also showed me a Long term Care plan in which I can be assured of my mother’s future in a way so much more wonderful than I could have ever imagined. The job I now have is a miracle with FREE leads and here in town and the person I met to find this coverage for my mother is another true miracle of God.


Again, I praise God for so many miracles in our lives and for true Internet friends who made our miracle possible through God’s moving hand. Our day finally came. We thank Him for caring so much for us.

I pray that our miracles here and my testimony will assure others that God does care and will help. It all has to do with our beliefs about faith and going through the fire and, most of all, the hardest part for me, was IN HIS TIMING–NOT OURS!!!! As a human, I have only so much patience. I believe that God has been refining me. I pray that I will be a testimony for Him through my work which I ask for prayer to be able to witness to many others and also make a living as I try to help others be insured sensibly, carefully, and assuredly with good products.


Meg (Received on Friday February 9, 2001)


Financial Miracle