Entertaining Angels

Making a Choice

It started out as a road that was straight and narrow but then James saw the bend up ahead. He wanted to stay on the straight path but discovered the moment he told the fib that the road had suddenly changed. He kept the fib to himself and assumed no one knew except...

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Seeing Jesus

I wanted to see Jesus today.I saw the old man instead standing by the pump at the gas station.We said hello to each other as we shared our smiles and left on our way.I wanted to see Jesus today.I saw the most delightful little child with his mother and she was so...

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The Thorn

The thorn had been pressed into his flesh, and he felt the pain as he called on God to give him the strength to climb the stairs to the pulpit. He remembered the Apostle Paul that had been imprisoned, and that had suffered for many years with a thorn in his flesh. If...

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Maria Carey