Too Poor to Pay

A well-known physician had died. His widow, in trying to collect the money owed her husband, found that he had written in his record book with red ink across many names the words, "Forgiven; too poor to pay."When she brought the book up to the courthouse, the probate...

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What Is the Greatest Sin in the World?

I read of a halfway house for men released from prison where they could stay until they got a job and somewhere to live. One young man had been in a penal institution for most of his adult life. One day as he sat in the lounge the three-year-old daughter of the couple...

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Queen Victoria

One day the chaplain of good Queen Victoria preached a sermon on the second coming of Christ. As he spoke of that glorious event, he noticed tears in the eyes of the queen. After the service, he approached her, and asked: "Why did Your Majesty weep as I spoke today?"...

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H. M. S. Richards, Sr.