Just Peachy

by | Dec 31, 2023 | Acceptance, Change, Freedom

“Behold, I am doing a new thing; Now it springs forth do you not see it?” ( Isaiah 43:19 NLT)

As he clung to the side of his cage, I could see that he needed more room to fly around.  My little love bird had long out grown his old “starter cage” and was ready for one he could move around in more.  So this year I asked for a new cage for “Peachy” as a Christmas gift and I got a nice roomy one for my not so excited feathered friend.  It was big enough for him to move around and not just cling to the side.  It had two perches and nice feeder bowls that hung from the “easy access” doors.  But this bewildered little bird fought me all the way, flapping his wings and biting “the hand that feeds him” until I thought I would cry.

Peachy was given a new start and a new way of life but unfortunately, Peachy was so used to the old ways that even after he got his new “life”, he clung to his old ways and spent his days hanging from the sides of his new cage.  

Sometimes I think I am much like my sweet Peachy!  God offers me peace, power and love but I cling to the old memories, old hurts and old worries!  What must our God think, when he offers us so much but we settle for so little?  

This New Year I want to be all He wants me to be and accept all He has for me.  The bible says God had our life planned even before we were born.  Have I hung on ferociously to old things instead of grasping my new freedom in Christ?  

Just an update on Peachy, he is now sitting on his new perches and spends less time on the sides of his new cage.  Lord, may I loosen my grasp on the past and enjoy what you have for me today and in this next year!

Jeanie Nihiser
Author, Prayer Warrior, Answers2Prayer Ministries


Just Peachy