by | Sep 18, 2023 | Fear, Listening, Waiting

“Then Jesus said, ‘Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.’” (Matthew 4:7 ESV)

Recently I was in a store doing my grocery shopping.  As I waited at the till I heard a little voice in the next aisle.  I say I heard, but the reality was most of the shop could hear this small child scream: “Give-me-give-me-give-me…persistently; for about fifty times (I kid you not!).

The child continued on and eventually gave up, much to everyone’s thanks, as the mother either gave in or somehow redirected the child’s attention.  It was such an impassioned plea and I was not about to meddle to find out more, in case I stoked the fire of the child’s entreaty.

In the hiatus of waiting in line for the conveyor belt to move, to pay and go, I reflected upon the child’s words.  Give-me, give-me, give-me.  I thought “there is a reflection of the human condition”.  How many of us can really say that we have not made similarly impassioned pleas for stuff to have from our Saviour?

Then the following words of a song from January 1970 came to the fore, surpassing the gimme, gimme, gimme thought.

“Give me just a little more time…”

It is a song by Chairmen of the Board entitled “Give Me Just A Little More Time” (the song and the lyrics can easily be found online). I think it is a song about a couple of young lovers.  One side does not want to rush into this new relationship; to get too close too soon, as apparently the other party does. 

For me it speaks of someone who has been hurt from a previous relationship and is scared to commit to the new one in case they become disappointed by the new beau.  The singer (General Johnson) of the song puts so much passion into the words as he sings, it really interprets the dilemma of a torn heart.

Still waiting in the queue, up popped the thought that Jesus is often saying to us: “Give me just a little more time…:” before we rush off into the world, day and situation.  We have trust and patience issues: well I do anyway.  According to my family I have ADHD as a side dish to my dyslexia. 

It gets easier as I get older, forced to slow down by life, enough to listen and wait upon God, if I will give Him the time.  I do not want to be dissatisfied by not hearing what God has to say today.  In some manner I sense I am still saying gimme, gimme, to Jesus, only this time it is for more mindfulness of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

In this place we can find a starting point for something more meaningful, intimate and longer lasting.

How about you?

Prayer: LORD, today I ask that You heal the hurts, fears and doubts that stop us from going deeper into Your everlasting Love, by the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name, amen.

Rod Marshall