Key Chain

by | Feb 11, 2023 | Acceptance, Purity

”Let all that you do be done in love.” (1 Corinthians 16:14 ESV)

My two adult sons still live with me. At a young age both of them were diagnosed with Autism. Both of them are mentally challenged as well. In the eyes of this world they are often seen as less than the rest of us, but in the eyes of Heaven they are far higher and wiser than I will ever be. Everyday they teach me more about how to live and how to love.

One of the things my oldest son loves to do is make simple key chains out of colored and lettered beads. Our house is full of them. They hang on the walls to decorate his old, broken key collection and everyone of my own keys has one too. He has given them to his Mom, sister, Grandma, and so many others.

Well, recently my sons’ primary health care provider retired and my daughter had to schedule an appointment with a new doctor so they could have their allergy medications renewed. My oldest son was excited about meeting the new doctor. He talked about meeting her for days before the appointment. He also made her a gift without telling me. As soon as she walked in to meet him, he pulled a key chain with her name on it out of his coat pocket and said with a smile, “This is for you!”. The look of surprise, delight, and joy on her face was something to see. It clearly made her day. I guess she hadn’t expected so much love, trust, and kindness so quickly and freely given. But that is what my son does. He shares Love freely, purely, and unconditionally. I only pray that one day I will be able to love and give as easily as he does.

Perhaps this world needs to stop seeing the mentally challenged as less and start seeing just how much they can teach us. They are far closer to Heaven than we are. I know that everyday God and His angels are smiling down on my sons as they share their love, laughter, and joy with the world. May we all one day learn to Love as divinely and beautifully as they do.

Joseph J. Mazzella


Key Chain