Miracles of Scholarships

by | Oct 10, 2020 | Faith, Miracles, Promise, Provision

My whole life today is a testimony.

I have been seeing the hand of God in many ways in this life. Mostly I see that when I am so desperate, with all hope gone.


I will give two testimonies, one today, and one tomorrow. I work at an international school here in Malawi, and I am a Malawian. As staffs, we are allowed to have our two kids enrolled in school at 10% the actual fees.

This made me more worried when I was pregnant for my third child. I had a workmate who introduced me to this your newslatter, late Rukshana Kunkanga, she told me to trust that God is in control and will make a way for us.

I accepted, but deep down my heart still I had a lot of queries, as honestly, with my salary, there was no way I could have managed to pay fees at an equivalent school. I kept hoping and trusting.

Kids in Malawi start school in this school after turning 4. By the time my third one was turning 4, my first born was in year 11. He had two more years ahead, and it was time to think of his universty! Nothing was adding up.

By this time, my job was at stake, and I had lost all the hope. All along I was so comfortable that, except for this third child, I was taking things for granted. I thought my job was all I needed. BUT, I realised it was God I needed the most. I cried to God. I asked HIm to intervene for the sake of my children, to be there for them as a good father.

Just that year, 2017, there was an advertisement in our local Newspapers for Scholarships. This was just two weeks after this friend [who introduced me to this newsletter for us to be growing in faith] had passed on. I was so lonely, but suprisingly, the daily messages I was receiving through this bulletin kept comforting me as daily they were like they have seen my situation.

According to the advert’s requirements, my son was not qualified to stand a chance. With faith in Him who is mighty, I encouraged my son to submit his essy.

He was reluctant. I kept insisting and encouraging him that when we say our God is the God of impossibilities, we mean being God of impossibilities. He submitted his application on the closing day.

One month later, he was called for interviews.

Hallelujah, the third month he was nominated to go study for his I.B [the remaining two years that i was worried of] in Canada on a full schollarship, exept for flights, medical insurance and upkeep.

We got the news on the Easter week. I couldn’t afford even the ticket for the flight. I was more confused then.

I started crying so loud that my son, who was 16-years-old then, came to my room and said, “mom, it’s okay, I won’t go to Canada“. He didn’t understand my sorrow.

I changed my prayer request and hoped even more, claiming that the sponsors said they would even be paying for his flight. And I started being happy. Then it was time for the visa application. This was when they sent us another letter stating that they will also cover his flight cost, medical scheme and pocket money there. Wow!

That meant, my third child had room to join the school at the right age, just as her brother left, giving me two kids to comfortably go to school at the fee I could afford. That scholarship covered even the university that I had been fearing!


I give prise to God.

Prisca Palasa


Miracles of Scholarships