by | Jun 1, 2020 | Perseverance

I live with one of gods children. Lori Jenkins was born with flavimaculatus (congenital retinal abiatrophy) (deteriation of the retna) ever since a younger age she has been loosing her sight and has two siblings with the same disease. She was sent away to the Ohio school for the Blind at an early age . Since than has been abused by a former husband and took various jobs to make ends meat.

The story really started a few years ago , her father that worked so hard to make things work died from cancer. She than went to school for a veterinary assistant position,h owever since being legally blind and things getting worse for her sight no body would hire her.

Years passed, she became a mother of two and worked factory jobs to pay the bills. Then things started to work out , She acquired a job doing what she wanted to do .(work with animals) but this was at a huge price, last year her brother went to the hospital for triple bypass surgery, and while visiting, her mother collapsed and had the same surgery, did not survive. Lori now works at a local vet at a job she always wanted, at what price, god tested her and she passed the test, some day she will meet god and her parents.

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