Jesus, Were You Anxious?

by | May 23, 2020 | Easter, Poem

My dear Jesus, were You anxious
When You saw the soldiers coming near
To take You to that cross that Your loved ones feared?
Jesus, did You once wonder why You had to suffer

For us children that would someday have a chance
To accept or reject our Salvation that You offer?
Jesus, were You anxious when You saw the tears
Of Your dear mother and the ones that loved You so?

I want to thank You, today, as I feel anxious.
Although, I know that You are here with me, holding my hand,
As I face a difficult time in my life.
I say, “Well, I am only human.”

You were human on that day, my Jesus.
Did You once have anxiety, my Savior?
Thank You for going to that cross for me.
I know that You made a way for me
Throughout all eternity.

Thank You for showing me so much strength In the crises that I face,
I give it all to You because You did, that day, For me.
Have a Blessed Easter because He Lives

© by Sarah Berthelson [email protected]


Jesus, Were You Anxious?