Thanksgiving Thanks

by | Apr 25, 2020 | Poem, Thanksgiving

Oh our blessed savior may I thank you today
Counting my blessings as I pray
There are so many I could fill a book
Because of my Lord Jesus just look
at what it took

I thank you first for my salvation
You went so freely to the cross that day
So many times we forget to say
Thank you for the family you placed me in

For the peace, joy and mercy
For that I can only begin
To say have a thankful Thanksgiving
To those who may have forgot
What you gave for them to be saved

Thank you for the health and blessings that flow
Oh I want others to know
That this is a day we give thanks
For the bountiful blessings you give
The most precious blessing is our Savior lives

Thank you for this wonderful day
That we set aside to remember and pray
May you have a thankful Thanksgiving
Just count your blessings my friend

Sarah Berthelson [email protected] Author of: “He Guides My Path”, “Just Jesus” and “Only By His Grace”.


Thanksgiving Thanks