Precious Baby

by | Apr 18, 2020 | Christmas, Jesus, Poem

Precious baby I came, I saw……….those tiny feet and hands;
It breaks My heart for into the future I saw spikes driven into them by man.
Rest now My’ Son, for the time will come and I dread that horrid day;
Through no fault or sins of your own it is You who have to pay.  

I can see into the future…….for Me there’s nothing new;
That’s why I took My hopes and dreams and placed them all in You.
I know that You will be hated, persecuted……….then crucified;
All because of Me, My Son, for man’s sins You must die.  

Son of Mine be still and rest take this time to be an innocent child;
You’re the essence of My life on loan to them for just a little while.
I will always be with You, My Son, inside You I reside;
Until the day I call You home to sit by My right side

Pat Finn


Precious Baby