Return of Tenfold

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Faith, Promise

Working in a hospital one sees things too stupendous to believe. Such an encounter concerned a patient and the hand of God.

While working as a Ward Clerk in the Surgical Unit, a gift has stayed fresh in my mind to this day.

Taking a coffee break with nurses and doctors, one hears many concerns verbalized. A requirement of a job in a hospital is that you maintain confidentiality. We happily do this. One doctor expressed grave concern about a patient he had who was bleeding from the stomach. His blood count was low and the doctor did not seem to be able to find the source of the bleed. He knew he had tried all the obvious things, like removing any harsh elements in his diet such as aspirin and acidic drinks like orange juice. He had given the man a scope of his stomach to try and find the source of the bleeding. He worried that the man’s blood count was low and would continue to get worse. I began to pray for this patient and remembered him in my morning and night prayers along with the occasional prayer during the day. There is an expression called to “storm Heaven” and that is what I tried to do for this man and for the discouraged doctor. For days whenever he came to our department one or the other of us would ask the doctor how he was doing. The answer was always the same, but his worry about the patient was increased.

I had planned a trip to another city to visit relatives. I lived in a coastal town with my mother, who at that time was in the hospital herself with an upcoming operation due to diabetes complications. Everyone advised me to go and not lose the ticket. My mother’s surgeon assured me he would not operate till I returned in a week. The surgeon of the bleeding man had operated and had removed part of the stomach. The man was still in grave danger and his survival not guaranteed. I continued to pray for him and my mother, not knowing the outcome. While on duty the night before, I encountered a daughter of the man. She was very worried. I reassured her as best I could regarding prayer and God’s Mercy. I mentioned that my own mother was quite ill as well, requiring an operation. We commiserated with each other and then I left work.

The day I came back, one my co-workers called to say that my mother’s surgeon was going to operate on her a couple of hours before I would arrive at work. I was very upset and could not understand what prompted him to operate and not wait, or inform me. I, therefore rushed in to work right away. I confronted the surgeon in a less than kindly manner and his response was to lead me down to my mother’s room where he took the bandage off her foot, thus exposing the unexpected mess. I felt ashamed and realized that he did not know I was back from my trip. He was doing the best he could for my mother. The bleeding man had survived and went home. My mother fared well from her own operation and was healing. Now this could be the end of the story, but God has a way of wowing us some times. After a week one of the nurses came on duty whom I hadn’t seen and was telling a story one night about the bleeding man and his concern before he left. He wanted to find a nurse who’s mother was having an operation. He wanted to tell her that he and his family had been praying for her and her mother!!!!

Prayer: Dear Lord when life is very weary and we doubt your presence in our lives, help us to persevere in our faith remembering your wonderful promises. Thank you for your abundant gifts. Help us continue to protect our faith as a most precious gift.

Marilyn LaPierre Innisfil, Ontario, Canada


Return of Tenfold