God Comes Through All the Time: Devotions From the Psalms (98:2-3)

by | Apr 7, 2020 | Devotions From the Psalms, Praise, Trust

“God made history with salvation, He showed the world what he could do. He remembered to love us, a bonus To his dear family, Israel—indefatigable love. The whole earth comes to attention. Look—God’s work of salvation!” (The Message Psalms 98:2-3).

Our Heavenly Father is always on the alert. He watches out for His children, all the time.

When the Israelites ended up with a raw deal, thanks to a new Pharaoh who decided to use the Israelites to be his slaves, our God was alert. He sent a fugitive, Moses, to be His representative. God always works for His children. Miracles occurred until the Pharaoh had no other choice but to let them go.

Eventually the Pharaoh changed his mind, and God came through again, saving the Israelites from the Egyptians.

Many of us are still lost. We don’t know our Father. God sent His own son as a sacrifice on the cross. Jesus willingly agreed to go. The innocent took all our sins, so that we would have the choice to accept God’s offer of salvation.

Still now, He is active to free His people. Many still have dreams where Jesus shows up, declaring that He is the Messiah. They find their way to Truth

My wife and I used to be in a church where the members criticized each other. Salvation, according to this church, came by following all their doctrines. Here, too, our Father came through, thanks to His Holy Spirit. He filled my wife with His Spirit. She began to speak in tongues, which was a no-no in that church. He then led me to see that their main doctrines were not from our Father. The Holy Spirit guided us personally to finding real truth.

God is here for you too. Ask and you will receive. After all, He is the only one who really knows the Truth.

Next time we will share with you how God came through for us. No one else could have done that. Our Father cares for us! He cares!

Rob Chaffart

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God Comes Through All the Time: Devotions From the Psalms (98:2-3)