Jesus to the Rescue: There Is ALWAYS Hope, Part 13

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The next several Monday Illustrators will be featuring true testimonies of God’s miracles for today. Today’s testimony comes from Answers2Prayer volunteer, Candy Araneta…

When our sole desire is to obey Him and reflect His character in everything we are, He assumes responsibility of being there for us for all of our needs “at any given time.”

The year was 1981. I was living in Los Angeles with my sister Nicette when I was called upon to travel to Rialto, a 2 hour drive. It was October, and getting dark, but the urgency of the matter prompted me to jump in the big old station wagon and head east. When I reached the city of Ontario, California, the freeway became congested. Big cargo trucks were starting to come out. Everyone was zooming past me. I carefully stayed in the slow lane, not realizing that more heavy trucks were coming up the on-ramp. Too late! A big white truck with a huge X on its back, came on the freeway and knocked me off course.

My car was flung to the right, towards the ravine. I clutched the steering wheel, shut my eyes and called out, “JESUS!”

The car did a half spin, then it hit the mile post and came to a halt with the front tip of the car hanging out over the ravine. I kept crying out, “Jesus, Jesus!” But there were no tears. All I tasted was the blood that was starting to flow from somewhere on my face. My chest hurt where the steering wheel was crushed up against it, and my head hurt. I had to wonder if I was even alive.

Suddenly, from out of the darkness, a man dressed all in white with long hair called out to me: “Don’t be afraid! I already sent someone to get help.” He signalled for me to lower the window so he could check me for injuries, but when I couldn’t, he squeezed an arm in. He put a hand on my aching sternum and said, “You will be alright.” He then gave me his red handkerchief. “To wipe the blood,” he said.

Soon the paramedics were there. They pulled the car to a safer place, cut the door open and proceeded to treat me.

“Where’s the man?” I asked.

The paramedics looked puzzled. “What man? You were alone talking to yourself.”

“That can’t be.” I said. “See, here is his red hankerchief.”

I was brought to Loma Linda Hospital where I was declared in perfect health. No broken bones despite the impact. The words of the long-haired man echoed in my brain “Do not be afraid. You will be alright.” And I was!

Was it Jesus? Did He not say, “Do not be afraid?” Doesn’t His Word say, “Call to me and I will answer you…” (Jer. 33:3 NIV)? And as He promised, everything was alright.

Love in Jesus,

Candy Araneta
Prayer Warrior

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Jesus to the Rescue: There Is ALWAYS Hope, Part 13