The Double Rainbow

by | Apr 28, 2019 | Experiencing God, God's Love, Poem, Presence, Promise, Promises, Suffering, Trials

I had been working the afternoon shift on the second floor of a large complex with Apartments and Assisted Living quarters on one side and a Nursing Home on the other side. There were Villas out around and a large apartment complex separate from the main building. One of the LPN’s came to tell me she wanted me to see something. She showed me a double rainbow above the Spire of the Worship Center for the Complex’s residents. The rainbow was an awesome experience in an otherwise busy schedule. I have thanked God many times for that view. Only He knows what it’s like for those who care for the sick and dying.

Years later, I was going through a distressful time in my life. After moving out into the country I remembered the double rainbow I had seen. I couldn’t remember seeing another rainbow since. I talked to the Lord about it and asked Him to let me see a rainbow. I didn’t care if it was a double one or not. I just wanted to see a rainbow.

I had been over at my sister’s house across the road when it had been raining, but it had stopped and the sun had come out. My sister told me that maybe I would see a rainbow outside. I checked from her yard, but couldn’t see any so I went across the road to my yard and walked around. I couldn’t see any there either. I told the Lord that it was okay, and that I knew He would show me one.

When I was at the next Prayer Meeting the son of the Elder hurried inside to tell us of a rainbow outside. We saw it was a double rainbow that was so close that we had to look up almost above us to see it. It was huge. It was so close that the bottom rainbow looked so clear and distinct you could see where one color was and then the next color began with no fuzziness as if lines were drawn. The second rainbow was above the first rainbow and it was fuzzy looking, but you could still see the different colors of the rainbow.

Everyone went back inside except the Elder’s son and me. He discovered that he could see where the bottom rainbow had begun in front of the trees to the left in the neighbor’s yard. I wanted to see if I could see the end of the rainbow on the other side of the road, but I couldn’t. I did discover that I could see the end of the top rainbow in front of the tree line.

How much closer could God have gotten that rainbow to me to tell me that He is with me, and He knows my heartaches, my trials, my troubles, and to trust Him to see me thru? That has helped me many times when going through troubles and trials to realize just how close God is to me and that He cares and does not give up on me. He is so Awesome! I just need to keep my eyes on Him and not on myself. He will take care of all the “rainy times” in my life and reveal to me the rainbow about His throne.


Be with me Dear Saviour, I need You tonight,
My heart is so heavy and my thoughts are not right.
I have taken my eyes off You and looked at myself today,
It wasn’t a pretty sight which met my mind’s eye in this way.

I need to drink deeper of the drafts of Thy redeeming Love,
To catch a glimpse of Your glory from way up above.
Grant me my petition and send Thy glorious light,
To shine in my troubled heart all through this dreary night.

Where would I be if it were not for Your tender watch care?
Dashed upon the rocks of life and left to my own despair.
I canst but marvel at Your Love to all mankind,
Open up my eyes and keep me from being blind.

Norma Wellman


The Double Rainbow