Look Out Your Window

by | May 12, 2014 | Creation, Poem

Are you sad, depressed, grieving or such

Sometimes we think that life is too much
Don’t be alarmed at what you are thinking
Look out your window  

Look out  your window and see God’s hand
Up in the beautiful sky or the grass that is dry
It is God’s handiwork for you and for me
Look out you window  

If you feel all alone and unworthy today
Check out the birds that are flying your way
God is showing you He made a beautiful world For you to enjoy and be happy today
Look out your window  

You may be alone, forgotten or scorned
God loved you before you were born
Lift your spirits as you think on Him
He is showing you beauty and His love
Look out your window  

Sarah Berthelson folks@berthelson.com


Look Out Your Window