Dog and Bone

by | May 19, 2009 | Praise, Worship

“Do you want a bone?” asks my wife of our wonderful dog. Immediately his ears pricked up, and he watched her go to the freezer, rummage around in the plastic container and then carry the prized possession to the sink.

Having defrosted this dog delicacy, Diesel stands alert, ready to receive this gift. Once offered, he delicately grips the bone in his powerful jaws and trots outside with intent.

For the next hour or so, he continues to rotate this bone, biting, pulling, twisting … doing whatever he needs to do to remove every morsel of goodness.

I wonder whether we can do the same with God. Dare we take what’s on offer today, meditate on the goodness of God and remove every morsel of ‘flesh from the bone’!

“I will tell of the loving kindnesses of God. I will praise Him for all He has done.” Isaiah 63:7a

What’s He done for you, today? Keep gnawing!


Dog and Bone