Get Up and Move!

Last week my wife and I excitedly arrived at a function where a well-known and very popular speaker was presenting. We took our seats half way back in the auditorium, and were quickly absorbed by the excited buzz of the crowd, enjoying watching the people and just...

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Dog and Bone

“Do you want a bone?” asks my wife of our wonderful dog. Immediately his ears pricked up, and he watched her go to the freezer, rummage around in the plastic container and then carry the prized possession to the sink.Having defrosted this dog delicacy, Diesel stands...

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Over the Balcony

Nathan stood there, aghast, with tears streaming down his face! He couldn’t believe what he’d just seen. Emron, his father, had called him for dinner, and he’d simply replied, “I’ll be down in a moment.”But dad could not accept his tardy response, and within seconds...

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Smelly Fridge

Our future son-in-law moved in with us recently, and with him came more ‘stuff’ than we realized. With the gear taking up one car space in our garage we noted the fridge.“Luke, is that empty?” my wife enquired on the day of the big move. “It’s only got little bits and...

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The preacher was delivering his message. He was dynamic and animated, and listeners were hooked on every word he uttered.Right at the critical moment, with his hands moving dramatically to illustrate his latest point, he managed to knock over a water jug.He...

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Ripped Off

“I’m not playing this game anymore,” declared the child loudly. “You just don’t play fair!” The ten year old stomped to the other side of the room looking for something else to do, with the rest of the class watching every step.The teacher tried hard to not have...

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Bruce Wadd